Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3ACDOTWAER_I'm Addicted

There was a really long stretch of time, I'm talking years here, where there were no shows I had any interest in watching on television and I just didn't watch anything, only a few DVDs here and there, which was all probably for the best. Reality Television was probably to blame, enticing at first, but quickly becoming contrived and uninteresting. Now, however I'm ounce again hooked on few different show they being: The Office for its acting, 30 rock for its twisted humor, and V for its mystery. I usually watch on Hulu.com so I don't plan my day around my favorite shows so nothing interrupts me when I'm working in my studio or reading. While spending time idle watching television shows isn't something I would recommend to people, it is nice to see the return of scripted shows and enjoying them at time of your own choosing.

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