Monday, December 21, 2009

2TCSB_The Detroit Cobras

I went and saw The Detroit Cobras at the the Double Door in Chicago this past weekend with my two cousins. It was a late show and it was cold out so we were all bundled up slipping and sliding our way there down icy sidewalks. I was disappointed when we arrived to find a lack luster beer menu, but we made due. The Double Door has a nice layout for shows; it being small with a bar on each side of the stage and a basement with another bar with some tables and chairs where you can hangout between sets. It was a pretty good show despite delays in between songs. I think the cold night sapped a lot of energy from people on the way to the show because it was a pretty chill audience for a rockabilly show, but that's typical for winter. The band played some goods songs, goofed off on stage, and rocked out, so not a bad night.

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