Friday, January 15, 2010

4ACDOTWAER_Colorful Planets

At the beginning of this past December I bought a few bargain books from Borders book store. Among my favorites of the inexpensive are math, science, and history books. It’s because I’m a slow reader that I choose to primarily read non-fiction, knowing that it will take me sometime to complete a book. Physics is the topic I’m mostly keenly interested in at the moment and Newton’s laws of motion among other things; how our sun and planet interact with each other and how smaller objects are affected when in close proximity to them. The ideas I’m reading about have spurred some of my own ideas with respect to illustration and I have started a series of colorful drawings depicting planets and other smaller objects spinning around them. I don’t see how they could be of any use to science, but I’m sure Newton would have enjoyed looking at them-after all he did develop the first color wheel!

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