Friday, July 17, 2009

1EBBC_Toy Cars

I’ve recently begun collecting a number of different collectibles such as: stars wars memorabilia, metal cars, and jewelry. Its been high time for such a practice because an economic downturn has spawned an unprecedented number or garage sales, not to mention more seller’s and less buyer’s at flea markets. All this makes for an environment where buyer’s have a lot of leverage, so when your out shopping at garage sales or an open air market you can really wheel and deal. Take for example my set of vintage cars, last year they easily would have cost between five and fifteen dollars a piece, this year I paid two dollars a piece-a steal! Some may point out that this is taking advantage of people, but trust me when I tell you the sellers need the money more then anything else and that by the end of day they will take whatever someone is willing to pay, so take advantage of this great opportunity to fill your dwelling with some cool clutter.


  1. Collecting stuff is so coll. Buying two same kind of thinkg makes me fell stupid, but when I start calling it collecting I don't fell bad even after..many. No number mentioned here. I have started colecting kaleidoscopes and cameras they also work together very well.


  2. Oh wow how incredibly beautiful. I go through phases of collecting, whatever the objects may be. It really is enjoyable, and you pick up so many lovely memories along the way :)


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