Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2ACDOTWAER_Missing Pages

I found these missing pages from an old bible in the trash. From what I gathered I've surmised that the book was produced in the 1890's and was passed along through a family, each member signing and dating it as it changed hands until the 1960's when its journey ended and what remained after forty years probably laying fallow, was put in a trash bin for me to find. The pictures were mixed among some of the pages that were still in tact. I'm hesitant to include the remains in a collage because of there enduring visual interest.


  1. wow, that is a cool find. hmm by the looks of the style of art and period I think the original illustration were lithographs. since it is straight positive and negative black and white. I would keep them, if you need to you them for collage scan them in hi res and print it on textured paper. but something like this does not come around to often.

  2. Oh my, with such a rich history who would throw it away?! But I guess it was lucky you found it :) That first print is absolutely beautiful. Oh, and you're officially on the project list.

  3. Incredibly inspiring photos. Fashion design wise.


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