Friday, March 5, 2010

7FSPP_Put On Your Dancing Shoes

I deconstructed and drew graphic shapes on these shoes with India ink to give the shoes more of an eclectic traveler feeling. Customization web sites seem to be on the rise despite the economic climate, but this extends beyond fit. For a long time the brands of clothing seemed to be more important to consumers then functionality, quality or meaning of it; which is why I always found it delightful to see how some counter this by drawing or stitching new things to what they wear. Try and call to mind youth especially that draw on their blue jeans and proudly where them on the train or bus for all to see the names of friends and characters scrawled into their tattered denim. Some may call it self-centered to think strangers would be interested in what’s on someone else’s pants, but I call it bold. If what you where isn’t important to you, then why think about it? We wear clothes because they’re important to us and we would like them to be important to others too, which is why I think we should all at least have some fun bedazzling our old clothes before we toss them, who knows, you might end up with something you’d like to wear. This is already happening in a lot of ways thanks to the do it yourself movement, but it would be nice to see it become more visible and extend deeper into our culture.


  1. You are very right, people would like to think that clothing doesn't matter but it does, or else we wouldn't be so focused on clothing.

    i was just browsing random blogs =) hope you don't mind!


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