Thursday, February 18, 2010

6ACDOTWAER_Political Scandal

Back in the day a lot people, namely: friends, family, teachers and such suggested I study law and become a politician. Some said it mockingly, and others were dead serious, like it was something I should aspire to do. The folks that were serious were usually in lecture and discussion courses I took, the rest brought this up because I’m notorious for being animated and ruthless in arguments. While I may have that skill, being a total bastard that is, there is still the issue of my less then flawless background. If I were to go into politics I’d have to get a hold of a lot pictures from people that could potentially ruin my career. Here are a few fun ones that I stole off my sister’s computer. As you can see there was that time I got people dancing on stuff they weren’t supposed to be dancing on, there’s also all those times I endorsed terrible habits to kids, and finally there is all those times I acted crazy to get free rides on various forms of public transit.

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