Friday, May 22, 2009

2OWIBGI_Mix Tapes

In the past decade we have seen almost everything go digital from music to magazines everything has a virtual form these days, and for the most part this is a great thing. It saves energy, teachers can read assignments online saving paper and other resources so what should we continue wasting resources on? The answer is the personalized playlist. Originally analog and known as the mix tape, its digital upgrade the compact disc, and then its virtual counterpart the online playlist. What was lost in translation is the human touch that tells a story, and what makes a playlist more then just a compilation of songs. Many people have a few of those fantastic pieces of art stashed away in a shoebox somewhere, whether it be a cassette or compact disc they each have hand written on the cover: artists, track names, notes and cut and pasted covers, they’re glorious! Some are cheesy love mixes, other hipster trendy, or for summers by the beach, but whatever the theme they’re special. I haven’t received one or made one for anyone in a long time, but its something I’d like to get back into. The physical version of the mix whatever its intent is a great form of human interaction I’d like to see stay physical.


  1. I sooooo agree.

    I love the hand drawn quality of track names on CD's, or trying to copy the bands logo on the disk with your sharpie. And remember tapes where you would photocopy and cut and paste actual images. That is like pure arts and crafts.

    I like this I want to create a mix too.

  2. I absolutely agree. For christmas this year, I bought a ton of vinyl cds, and made a mixtape for my friends with a custom made sleeve of artwork. Somehow passing on a mixtape on a USB stick doesn't have quite the same appeal!


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