Friday, May 1, 2009

2FSPP_Reuseing Old T-Shirts

Traditionally many people have enjoyed splurging disposable income on clothing, but because of an economic downturn people are introducing a foreign partner into the fashion forward wardrobe, a budget. Simply purchasing less clothing and spending less on what you buy is one obvious solution, but some things wear out, like undershirts. Undergarments traditionally serve as an important barrier of protection in between skin and a more elegant outer garment by keeping it free of moisture and odors that result from sweat. The result is that undergarments need to be washed often and wear out much more quickly, and later require replacement. A quick money saving solution is to reuse retired graphic tees, which are typically found stuffed in drawers, or piled up in closets. Flip the old tees inside out so the graphics can’t be seen and take care in choosing which color tees go with which top. The process can be challenging, but be creative, have fun and feel great doing it knowing that you just freed up a few dollars that you can now spend on something else.

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  1. I agree, but it depends on the quality of the tee. I think what makes undershirts so practical is that they are usually lighter and more breathable than a standard tee.

    in my experience using an old tee as an undershirt was either to thick and heavy which resulted in me being warmer and sweating more or it was really comfortable and I liked it. So I guess it al depends on the quality of the tee from my perspective.


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