Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abstract Painting-Hit or Miss

Most of my artwork could be categorized as flat and graphic. I wanted to break out of my mold into something larger in scale and colorful. I stapled a large canvas to a wall and started painting with the aim to explore color and not use black as a defining element in the piece. The process has been mind wrenching as I lay down each layer of paint. I find abstract expressionistic painting the most difficult type of painting because it’s either right or wrong. There is no point where progress can established, just an assessment of composition and how different elements are working with each other. The stage I'm at now with the painting I feel is clearly wrong, the spatters of paint on the floor are the only thing I feel satisfied with at this point. I intend to continue on with painting, because at the very least lights up my mind as I explore new color combinations.

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