Friday, June 19, 2009

4FSPP_Rock and Roll T-Shirt's

The rock n’ roll t-shirt can be something of a slippery slope that I myself have tumbled and rolled down. Almost everyone has a collection of concert t-shirts sitting in a drawer that can enter a rotation of daily use, and there in lies the problem. Band t-shirts tout a little piece (sometimes a very big piece) of who we are and what we believe in and it can become a habit to always want to announce this to the world.
This can become a bit redundant, inappropriate, and irritating like when a child is constantly clamoring for attention and praise, which defeats the point of wearing these shirts in the first place. The rock n’ roll t-shirt simply wasn’t meant to be worn absolutely everywhere like to work, school, grocery shopping, parties, or to the wrong concert. There are days when you need to dress more formal, or classy, or sophisticated, and when you follow suit you’ll feel just as good as when your wearing your jeans and t-shirt, but how can a daily cycle of jeans and t-shirts be broken? A good way to strike a balance with this dilemma is to set a limit. I would suggest as a general rule to have less t-shirts then there are days in a week. For instance include in your archival collection the first band shirt that you purchased and consider it vintage(the above pictured is my example of this). Next have your absolute favorite t-shirt for reason that may include awesome graphics or worn to perfection. And finally your most recently purchased t-shirt to keep things fresh. As for all the rest, throw them out or box them up so you still have them tucked away but aren’t tempted to where them everyday. This practice will keep the polonaise of daily outfits fresh and distinguished.

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  1. What a wonderful first band shirt. I'm really not a fan of band t-shirts, especially ones like those overplayed Metallica tees. That being said however, I do think at the right time and worn in the right manner, they can really add to an outfit. I feel they have to have a meaning and story behind it, like a concert or festival, not just something bought in a shop. And I love your less t-shirts than weekdays rule :)


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