Saturday, March 21, 2009

1FSPP_Pick Three

Spring has sprung and here are a few items you will need to enjoy the change in season.

When people think of spring its sunshine, flowers and rain, and lets not forget about the mud. Mud can be an enemy of a perfect pair of oxfords, so don't wear them after a thunderstorm, wear boots that can stomp straight through puddles and other messy obstacles. When selecting a pair of boots for this function you also should consider how well they can resist water, they need not be rubber boots, but they should provide good coverage.

Bandanna's are multi-functional. Tie a bandanna around your neck to keep a cool breeze from sending a chill down your shirt, or wipe the mud off your leather boots with it. The only rule is that you got to use it, it shouldn't be removed from its packaging and then neatly folded and placed in your back pocket.

A light jacket with a quilted liner will give you a lot of mileage of wear and versatility in use. You'll have the freedom of movement that your winter parka prohibits, while the quilted liner provides a measure of warmth on chilly mornings and evenings. Light jackets such as the one pictured are a great spring and summer staple so its a good idea to have two or three in your wardrobe to allow for changes in temperature and setting.


  1. I agree, spring is a time when there are those amazing light and warm days and then right away there are cool windy rainy ones. Its like spring is that schizophrenic season.

  2. ahh spring... it thought it was on the way, but it started snowing today. great items:)

  3. I am definitely a fan of boots for in between weather, I'll be sure to put my Docs and leather brogue boots to good use!


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